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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Stock tips

Over the years it is interesting many asked me for stocks tips, when you said you are into stocks.

If they make money they will kept pestering me.

If they lose money, they will in trouble or likely said negative things about me.

It is interesting there are many gamblers out there, who believe stocks is for gambling, which they don't believe in  doing homework, they throw their money into the stocks just by listening to tips?

They believed stocks is for a short turn punt.

Good stocks may drop to a low level in a bad market conditions.

It is not often I make money in stocks short term.

It usually take quite a while for those stocks that I invested to make money.

I think rarely any persons can predict the short directions of the stock market.

I don't usually buy stocks for  short term, which I believe it is very difficult to predict stocks in  short term directions. Nobody can make in stocks everytime.

Warren Buffret said he couldn't predict the short term directions of the market. Over the course of time the stock will reflect fully it's value.

When people asked me for tips, I usually told them I don't give tips.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Predicting the stockmarket

In my O Level mathematics, my teacher was not interested in teaching. Whenever I asked him questions, he asked me to study myself.  My future to study was bleak as my mom could not afford it and the discouragement from a friend.

I never took it, in 1976.

Subsequently I made a determination to take it privately in 1978 and do my self study and try to predict the right questions that most likely to come out. Because we just can't remember every details we study on the whole book, we need to concentrate on those that most likely to come out, as in the stock market, we need to put money on those stock that their price  is most likely to move up most.

The topic the interest me most is probability

Buying and reading many books of top investors and developing my own formula in picking stocks and predicting the market.

The more accurate we forecast the market the better returns we get.

Stocks is not base only on fundamental along and that is already known, it is also trying to figure out the future of the stocks, what is the chances it is likely to go up. If only base on fundamental accountants will be the richest persons. It is more an art then a science.

Most of my classmates failed when they retook their  O Level privately. Possibly they try to remember every detail on the books.

With these confident I pour my energy mastering and predicting the the stock market. And gathering all the factors that affecting the stock market.

Which I got amazing returns from stocks.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Is investing in stocks an art or science?

I had been investing in stocks  since 1990 and had gone through numerous cycles of the market.

I agreed with Peter Lynch that investing is an art more than a science. He said if it is a science, accountants will be the richest persons. Nobody can predict the market turnaround 100 percents, usually base on past statistics they base their judgements.

Markets were driven  by fear and greed. At it worst stocks were driven to ridiculous level inconsistent with its fundamentals. 

I went to many Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meeting to talk to market players to see what is really written in the annual reports.  I usually stay after the EGM to talk to the CEO, Managing Directors, Presidents or Executive Chairman, to ask questions and understand more about the listed companies.

Fundamentally sound stockSincere Watchwere  driven ridiculously cheap to 8 cts  in 1997 crash e.g.  had since been taken over at $2.

I had been collecting data on the Malaysian and Singapore market   and have 40 years of data.

If a person can master and forecast the cycle of the market,  he or she will do well in stocks. Investing stocks is more about predicting the cycle of the market.

To forecast  the stock market more accurately usually you need to look at  both the fundamentals and the technical .

If you talk to 10 experts, few will have different opinions of the directions of the market, even  Warren Buffett predict wrongly the market in 2008.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The world greatest investors

Having reading many books on investments and the world greatest investors, I had developed my own methods of investments.

To forecast correctly need lots of hard works and patience, investments is about forecasting, which depend on how accurately in pick the stocks. Stock market went through cycles.

Government around the world can boost or tighten the market with various measures.

Getting the right stocks is important on how good is the management and the companies assets. A good management have the abilities to make  the best use of their companies assets and give optimal returns.

Good management can make lots of different, as Warren Buffret and leading investors said good management is the key to successful companies.