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Friday, July 27, 2007

Public listed Companies' Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings

Went to AGM/EGM meetings, got to know numerous Executive Chairman, CEO, Managing Director & Presidents of the organisations. When I went to AGM meeting I usually stay longer after the AGM ends, so that I can ask more questions about the health of the listed companies and learn one or two tricks about doing business.

Sometimes we got difficulties to understand what we read in the Annual Reports so we can find out from the CEO, which can give us more through views of the futures of the company.

We may able to give some suggestions or discuss some ideas with the senior managements to turn the companies around and able to  understand better about the future directions of the companies.

We can learn a lot about the businesses by speaking to the out senior staff, and learned which was not written on the annual reports. There usually some difference when we talk to the senior staff and the annual reports

Some will tell new and better shareholders are coming in or who are their new clients etc.

Of course going to outlying areas to find the office is not easy but it worth the effort.

Talking to the MD or CEO is different from what we read as some of the news we read maybe obsoleted, which might be prepared few months ago.

Monday, July 23, 2007

My investments skills

As a investor I felt that my skills get good returns because of my lack of qualifications, it is difficult for me to get a job as a fund manager especially in Singapore.

I had develop a way to beat the market and get very good returns.

Many of my friends had benefits from me from giving them free tips on investments. In USA there is more emphasis on skills and performances rather than qualifications.

I had sent my resumes to various companies and get no reply at all. I had asked on senior fund manager who used to interview people, he said minimum requirement is a degree.

Hopefully one of these days, I can overcome this hurdle and run an investments fund.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

AGM meetings

I had received some annual reports. Taken note of the coming AGM meeting the coming few days. I would like to go down for the AGM meeting to get a better feel of the company and talk to the CEO and ask a few questions.

By going down to the company we can find out lots of things from the company.

Some of them thought investing in stock is like gambling, of course there are some elements of risk involved in any form of investments.

To go down to AGM mtg is a step to find out more about the company progress. It's difficult to get direct answers because they can't disclose any confidential info. But many time by talking to the senior management through my observations,I can feels more of less the direction of the company.

And the indication the company is it getting better or not when you talk to the senior staff of the company.

There things we can't just read in the annual reports or through the news, we can find out when go down to the company.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Factors affecting the Singapore Stockmarkets

Some of the factors which will affect Singapore stockmarket in the future:

$15 billions biopolis projects

The targeted of 17 millions tourists arrivals.

The increase of Singapore population to 6.5 millions.

$12 billions 2 Intregrated Resorts.

Islamic funds.

Merger of Singapore and Malaysia Stockmarket.

F1 race coming to Singapore.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Stock Investments

Chart of the biggest winners, click to enlarge.

Numerous of my friends asked me for tips, usually want some fast returns. Even the best fund manager can't guarantee it.

There a tendencies for Singapore to look for quick return.

Toto $10 millions prize money. You can see long queue.

Trump said that he rather open a casino then gambling at a casino.

In my school, the subject that interest most is probability in my maths class.

In a report that listed the top 25 biggest winners, 7 are property stocks. There are not many stockbroking firm listed, but most made it to the charts. Many electronics stocks are also featured.

Recordbreaking cycling and football feats:

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The stocks to look for

The stocks to look for, are those who make huge increase in their sales/earnings. Some sell some of them made huge gain selling, their assets like properties and stocks which they brought at a bargain price.

Look for stocks that had substantial cash, properties & stock. Wait until their prices drop to bargain level.

Look for stocks that had assets(stocks & properties) which they had brought some time ago during bear market. When market turn, their asset usually enhanced. These is another tips to be successful in investments.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The greatest stock

The greatest stock I believe is Venture Manufacturing a contract manufacturer, from 36 cents in 1991, it move up to $32 in 2000 even in between the years, it give rights and bonus issues, its earning from few millions dollars increase to 115 millions dollars in 2000, making it the greatest stock of all time.

Some factors that contribute to the company success, the founder Wong Ngit Liong's father is a businessman and he had a degree in mechanical engineering. So he got an edge.

Checklist for finding stock that multiply:

Fast growth,Industry, niche, or area domination, The ability to increase earnings even during recessions, Analyst lack of familiarity with the company, Ever-growing repeat orders, 'Cookie Cutter' factors.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

How to find stocks that multiply a few times


The story in the book, Finding Winners by Richards L Evans, is a constant reminder.

How he lost a bundle in a stock Magnavox, which was at that time popula, glamorous and had a good following by stock analysts.

And another story of a chemist who used to look for stocks that are out of flavour and depressed. How the chemist ploughed through a lists of stocks that were depressed and made new lows, which funds managers dumped for unfavourable outlook.

How he picked cyclical commodities stock, Texas Gulf Sulphur which was temporary hit by earnings problems. He kept buying it when it went lower.

Subsequently the stock & earnings recovered and he made millions out of it.

The stock Magnavox, which had he brought dropped 94% and the stock which the chemist had brought Texas Gulf Sulfur when up 2700%.

A classical case of what Warren Buffret described, to buy quality stocks hit by temporary problems,Texas Gulf Sulphur was a case of a distress stock to a turnaround stock, and from a turnaround stock became a growth stock.

Peter Lynch felt that stock picking is more an art than science, if it is a science accountants will be the richest men.

A person who study history will do better than a person who major in accounts. Because a person study history will study how companies trade in the past.

Gerald Loeb in his book "The Battle for Investment Survival"

"It is important to stick to issues which in past times of bullish enthusiasm have had active markets and which can be expected to have active markets again. However, at the time of purchase they must be low -rated and unpopular, with their prices down and discouragement about their propspects quite general."

Gerald loeb use to said in his book put all your money in one best stock.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Optimizing your investments returns

When to invest? The best time to invest is during crisis, like 1987 & 1997 economic crisis, Iragi Wars, SARS etc. During such crisis stocks drop to bargains prices, it's usually the best time to buy. The best time to buy stocks is during a crisis or a recession.

The chances of picking penny stocks that multiply, is higher than stocks that in more than a dollar range.

Stock that from a few cents move to a dollar, had higher chances than stock from a dollar move to ten dollar.

If you buy a lower price (penny stocks) you can own more stock, and make higher percentage gain. It's more logical.

Some companies which don't want direct listing, and want backdoor listing, are likely to takeover lost making companies, as their companies shareholder are more willing to sell their companies e.g lost making companies like Horiguchi and TSM, which multiply their value a few times when they are tookover.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

The investments with the most incredible returns

I believe the investments that made the greatest move from it's bottom to the top, was Tibs Holdings's warrants.

It move from 4.5 cents to $3.7o in less than a year. Around 8,000 percents

The transport company, parent stock at its peak traded at more than $7 , drop to 70 cents, as the company lost money for two years during the recession and had turnaround , since than it was taken over.

Parents should let their children starts as early as possible. It take some years for them to master the intricacies of investments.

The there's always demand for the four basic needs: housings, transports, foods, and clothings in good or bad times.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The secrets of how to multiply your money by picking the right stocks

From my experiences some of the penny stocks give some of the best returns. By checking their past records.

Low Kheng Huat and Sincere Watch had been in the business for a lots of years.

Their IPO are lots of times oversubscribe, indicate they are well managed.

Supply and Demand factor is important when choosing a stocks.

Choose stock that don't issue a lots of share, the chance of them multiply their price is higher than a large cap stock.

In a compilation of top performing stocks, the industry with the most winners are properties.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The secrets of picking stocks that multiply your money

Hope to share what I had learned from more than 17 year of investments experiences .

Take care of the downside, and upside will take care of itself.

Stock can lost 95% of it's value.

If it lose 50% of it's value, it needs 100 % to recover.

Mature stock usually start from small cap, so the probability of multiplying your earning in small cap stock is higher.

Turnaround stocks sometimes provide the best opportunities, as you can buy when they are at the cheapest level. Some of them, their business is cyclical in nature. Once their earning recovered they will move up a lots of times.

You can get the best bargain in loss making companies.

Some stocks like Venture Manufacturing, Asia Food and Properties & Golden Agri-Resources went up more than 20 times when they turnaround.

Loss making companies are likely candidate, for been takeover.

Invest in a stock where it's net tangible asset is more than their share price. It's chance of recovering from shock is better.

Stock tendencies to trade higher in an environment, where there's lots of liquidities.

When stock double it's price doesn't means it's overextend.

Share price went up due to their asset and earnings. Usually due to there's a lots of liquidities, where interests rate is low.

The best stock is never to sell it, e.g. Genting Highland Bhd. If you brought $3000 at it's IPO and hold on to it you are a millionaire by now, as it kept giving you bonus issues.

Do not overdiverisified. Concentrated on a few best stocks.

90% of people got rich from investing in properties.

Do not over leverage.

The best time to invest are during recessions.

Technical analysis, is just like seeing the x-ray of the company. If you invest at the lower quarter of the range , the chance of you making profits, is higher than you invest in the higher quarter of its trading range.

Buy good companies that are hit with one off big problem, where it's share price is at bargain level.

Where dividend yield is high, usually stocks are at their lowest levels.

In a bear markets, fundamental sound companies will drop less and the give more dividends.

The tendencies to follow the herd instincts is there, a lots of time when the good news is out the stock price tend to drop.

I felt the out of flavour stocks offer more value. Buy when not many people notice it when its cheap.

Top fund manager Peter Lynch had made a career out of Chrysler Corp. As car business is cyclical nature.

When Chrysler nearly bankrupt, as most people had brought their cars so business had gone downhill, it need some time for people to replace their cars, so Peter went to the company to thoroughly investigate the situations , will the company turnaround or went bankrupt.

He was correct Chrysler had chance to survive and later when the company turnaround. He made a fortune out of it.

Numerous good companies like Low Kheng Huat, Sincere Watch, Hwa Tat Lee, which are around for a lots of years, became penny stocks when the market conditions were very unfavourable. Had since multiply their value a lots of times after the market recovered.

To be continue.