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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Getting it right

Investments is about forecasting, the more accurate one forecast the better one returns.

Investments need much hardwork, research & reading widely. And getting the cycle right.

Understand the direction of the market is important.

It took year of collecting data, learning from mistakes and reading those top investors methods.

Finally develop own methods.

Many like to ask for tips, which they thought stocks is just like gambling, just like lotteries.

They might try to contra it hoping like lotteries, they might strike.

Investing is not  gambling.

It is time consuming collect data and analyzing lots of data hoping to find some gems in it.

Going to AGM, EGM & SGM  asking questions and discussing with the Executive Chairman, Managing Directors, Presidents and CEO of the listed companies.

Many told me, which they thought stock is like gambling, I told them stock is not gambling.

Some don't believe. Yes they might heard many got burned, cause 90 percents of them lost money in stocks, when they don't do research on what they are buying and listening to tips only. 

Many getting into it and don't  what they are investing, they heard it is good and were recommended by somebody.