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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Learning from the master investors

Many of my investments ideas were learned from William O Neill, Peter Lynch & Martin Zweig & Warren Buffret.

By trying out some of the ideas I learned from these great investors, I am able to make some extraordinary returns.

Many stocks that I invested, I am able to make few times returns, through the knowledge I gained from these great investors.

Martin Zweig explained  how various government policies influence the market conditions. The bloom and bust of the economy

Peter Lynch tried to catergorised the various stocks into different catergories.
And how sentiments can exaggerated the movements of stocks.

William O Neill on how to pick stocks that has the highest chances of multiplying many times.

He refer how the past greatest stocks' patterns.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Meeting the CEO, Executive Chairman & Managing Directors & Presidents of Listed Companies

Over my 20 years of extraordinary investment experiences. Some of the most interesting and important ideas were meeting the top hanchos of the Listed Companies.

I used to stay at least half hour after the Annual General Meetings or Extraordinary General Meetings to dicsuss with these top leaders of listed companies.

I learned lots of things about the future and heatlh of the listed companie or then just reading their reports.

They may not able to divulge too much info because of the SGX rulings on insider info, by talking to them, can feel are they confident or not the future of their companies they are running.

Talking to them is one of the best indicators of the companies future directions and learned some new investments ideas with the leaders of the industries.

You got to prepare beforehand what you want to ask about the companies, so as to probe deeper into the companies you want to invest.