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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Stock tips

Over the years it is interesting many asked me for stocks tips, when you said you are into stocks.

If they make money they will kept pestering me.

If they lose money, they will in trouble or likely said negative things about me.

It is interesting there are many gamblers out there, who believe stocks is for gambling, which they don't believe in  doing homework, they throw their money into the stocks just by listening to tips?

They believed stocks is for a short turn punt.

Good stocks may drop to a low level in a bad market conditions.

It is not often I make money in stocks short term.

It usually take quite a while for those stocks that I invested to make money.

I think rarely any persons can predict the short directions of the stock market.

I don't usually buy stocks for  short term, which I believe it is very difficult to predict stocks in  short term directions. Nobody can make in stocks everytime.

Warren Buffret said he couldn't predict the short term directions of the market. Over the course of time the stock will reflect fully it's value.

When people asked me for tips, I usually told them I don't give tips.