James Cook University at Sims Drive

James Cook University at Sims Drive

Friday, June 2, 2017

Raising funds

I hope raise a few hundreds thousands to fund and grow my fund managements business, any ideas or partnerships, kindly contact me - 8888.henry(at)gmail, thanks

I had a proven track record of investments returns for the past 27 years since 1990, which I got consistent returns. as I had developed a tried and tested method with documentary proof.

My experiences includes running various food biz, investments and leasing of properties.

The same methods, that I found forecasting my pte GCE O level, that I didn't took or had failed, all the topics of the exam came out as I predicted

My returns had helped me travelled around the world and raise a family

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Passive income

Mastering investments during our younger days are important, as we grow older we depend more on our passive income.

I was helping my mom running a hawker stall since young. Naturally I was interested in investments.

I hope in my 20,  I can get into the market but not until I was 30 year old then somebody introduce me to investment in stock.

I try to read everything about investments and how those great investor run their investments.

I made quite  a consistent returns over the years. Investment during the bear period you need money to tide over the difficult period, as there is no income for a period of time during the bear market.

You need to forecast the cycle and take care the downside of the market

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Overcoming odds

In 1976 I only pass 3 subjects in my GCE O level.

I only take 5 subjects, I never take my maths because I didn't  had confidence.

I need to wake up at 4 am to help my mom run the hawker stall, as our livelihood depend on the stall, during my O level exam and discouragement from friend, and the teacher was not interested in teaching us, I dropped my maths in the exam.

In 1978 I made a fresh determination to retake the 3 O level that I failed or didn't take - Physical Science, English and Maths.

I got to be efficient in predicting which topic the questions likely to come out.

I found a way to forecast accurately. 

I can't study and remember everything in the  books, so I concentrate on those most likely to come out. 

I apply my system to predict the stock market, I passed my 3 subjects as private candidate quite well, Even I was late at my maths exam. The exam was held in Tanjong Katong Technical School.

Most of my classmates failed when they retook the GCE O level as private candidates.

Imagine you got to study until late at night at 1am, next morning you need to wake up to run the food stall at 4am then rush to school to sit for your O Level exam, fortunately the last day of 5 hours of exams, 2 and the half each, Jason Quek my classmate who dropout came to help me to cycle the food from my house to our food stall at Sims Drive. 

Of all the subjects I like the topic of Probability the most, in maths.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Li Ka-shing

“Superman,” as Asia’s richest person is known to local media, made his name buying assets that were unloved and waiting patiently for them to rise.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Getting it right

Investments is about forecasting, the more accurate one forecast the better one returns.

Investments need much hardwork, research & reading widely. And getting the cycle right.

Understand the direction of the market is important.

It took year of collecting data, learning from mistakes and reading those top investors methods.

Finally develop own methods.

Many like to ask for tips, which they thought stocks is just like gambling, just like lotteries.

They might try to contra it hoping like lotteries, they might strike.

Investing is not  gambling.

It is time consuming collect data and analyzing lots of data hoping to find some gems in it.

Going to AGM, EGM & SGM  asking questions and discussing with the Executive Chairman, Managing Directors, Presidents and CEO of the listed companies.

Many told me, which they thought stock is like gambling, I told them stock is not gambling.

Some don't believe. Yes they might heard many got burned, cause 90 percents of them lost money in stocks, when they don't do research on what they are buying and listening to tips only. 

Many getting into it and don't  what they are investing, they heard it is good and were recommended by somebody.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Stock tips

Over the years it is interesting many asked me for stocks tips, when you said you are into stocks.

If they make money they will kept pestering me.

If they lose money, they will in trouble or likely said negative things about me.

It is interesting there are many gamblers out there, who believe stocks is for gambling, which they don't believe in  doing homework, they throw their money into the stocks just by listening to tips?

They believed stocks is for a short turn punt.

Good stocks may drop to a low level in a bad market conditions.

It is not often I make money in stocks short term.

It usually take quite a while for those stocks that I invested to make money.

I think rarely any persons can predict the short directions of the stock market.

I don't usually buy stocks for  short term, which I believe it is very difficult to predict stocks in  short term directions. Nobody can make in stocks everytime.

Warren Buffret said he couldn't predict the short term directions of the market. Over the course of time the stock will reflect fully it's value.

When people asked me for tips, I usually told them I don't give tips.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Predicting the stockmarket

In my O Level mathematics, my teacher was not interested in teaching. Whenever I asked him questions, he asked me to study myself.  My future to study was bleak as my mom could not afford it and the discouragement from a friend.

I never took it, in 1976.

Subsequently I made a determination to take it privately in 1978 and do my self study and try to predict the right questions that most likely to come out. Because we just can't remember every details we study on the whole book, we need to concentrate on those that most likely to come out, as in the stock market, we need to put money on those stock that their price  is most likely to move up most.

The topic the interest me most is probability

Buying and reading many books of top investors and developing my own formula in picking stocks and predicting the market.

The more accurate we forecast the market the better returns we get.

Stocks is not base only on fundamental along and that is already known, it is also trying to figure out the future of the stocks, what is the chances it is likely to go up. If only base on fundamental accountants will be the richest persons. It is more an art then a science.

Most of my classmates failed when they retook their  O Level privately. Possibly they try to remember every detail on the books.

With these confident I pour my energy mastering and predicting the the stock market. And gathering all the factors that affecting the stock market.

Which I got amazing returns from stocks.